Experiments with VR Advertisements

Currently, I am looking into different forms of content monetization. Video game monetization is the process that video game publishers use to generate revenue from a video game product (Source: Wikipedia).

The most common forms of monetization in games are:

  • Digital Download
  • Subscription (Example: World of Warcraft)
  • Microtransactions (Lootboxes, DLCs)
  • Advertising
  • Retail

In the VR game realm, the current strategy is to charge customers for the full product.

In free mobile games, ad banners placed somewhere on the screen and commercial breaks are often used. This is not to be desired because it breaks the player's experience and is the source of the bad opinions towards ads in games.

Product placements might be an ideal fit for VR because there's little that could distract the player and thus breaking the immersion. Of course it demands that the ads integrate nicely into the game. In a tense horror game situation nobody wants to hear a Toys'R'Us video screaming into their ears.

Players currently have little tolerance for this kind of monetization but with VR hitting mainstream there might be little room for resistance once big publishers take that route.