Steam Achievements Now Available!

Our VR game Shopkeeper Simulator VR gets a new update. The latest one brings an popular Steam feature to the game: Achievements! Steam achievement hunters can now focus on tasks to unlock badges that show up on their profile. More than a few players actually seek to complete these challenges alone for the achievement badges!

Once a task has been accomplished, a Steam notification is sent to the player and the achievements page is updated. So here is the achievement list. We won't go into details as how to reach those badges because that's part of the challenge but the titles and descriptions give you some helpful hints :)

Shopkeeper Simulator VR - Current Achievement List

We are still waiting for player feedback to decide which achievements should be added in the future.

In a future technical article you will learn how to implement Steam achievements in your own game using Unity and the Steamworks SDK! Leave a comment below how you like the new achievements!